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  • How does EcoActor work?
    EcoActor works by sourcing, vetting & organizing content or products that support User well-being and sustainability goals.
  • How does EcoActor save me money?
    We deliver options that reduce energy use (& associated costs), DIY alternatives to store-bought products and DIY hacks to economize or re-use.
  • How does EcoActor empower sustainability?
    We are dedicated to your sustainable purpose & the powerful potential of each sustainable choice: We make it easier to find information on sustainable practices or choices that match your priorities & preferences. Save water, energy, money & time; Reduce waste, avoid chemicals & restore habitats…wherever you are, starting at home. Take our Profile Questionnaire to capture content & options that suit you & yours.
  • What can I do with my Points?
    Points earned through interacting with content present a measure of progress toward sustainable awareness & action. We all have to do what we can to live lightly on this abundant, delicately balanced natural planet. It’s a relief to feel good about doing what ever simple thing you can to contribute to climate solutions. Your points are our acknowledgement & Thank you for your actions. Save your points to earn product discounts, or donate them to others already working toward your favourite priorities: Environmental protection & regeneration? Wildlife preservation? or Civic action?… Sign-in to save your points and get updates on so many Options you didn’t know you have. EcoActor’s network of allies & collaborators offer discounts for product purchases. And there are free opportunities to heal our world through attention to sustainable practice and social justice. Connect with those that move you; Collaborate as you will, to curate your own path to Sustainable. As our network grows, your options will expand beyond discounts to privileges & perks that align with your Profile. Take our User Profile Questionnaire to capture options best suited to you & yours.
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